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Print Your Pawz Cartoon Tee

$ 39.99

How Does it Work?

1. Take a Close up photo of your pet and upload it from your smart phone, tablet, or computer! 

A great cartoon is produced by a great photo! Close up photos with Good lighting is really the key to a pawfect shirt! Try to get them to look a the camera with a treat! 

-No need to be a pro though smart phone photos work great!

2. Choose a fun background!

3. Our in house artists will cutout and turn your Pawz into a cartoon!

-Each piece is made custom, 100% unique, and one of a kind! No app, no gimmick, we take time to hand create each!

4. In 2-3 days your shirt will be hand printed then shipped from our facility in North Canton, Ohio via USPS FREE directly to your door!




Will my photo work?

If for some reason your photo does not work we will email you in 1 day or less.

How do you print your shirts?

Each shirt is printed digitally using new 2018 cutting edge printers. These are not screen printed.

What are the shirts made out of?

Each shirt is made from a moisture wicking material similar to athletic wear.

How will my shirt fit? (dont calculate in C for short sleeves(

Here you can find a size guide to ensure a great size fit!

What if my shirt does not fit or I do not like my artwork?

because the custom nature of the product we cannot offer refunds or exchanges for this product. 

How should i wash my custom tee?

We recommend your wash in cold water and let hang to dry to prevent any chance of shrinkage.

Do you only do dogs?

NO! Upload ANY animal! or ANY person! We will turn them into a cartoon piece of art and put them on your shirt!


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