We all need to get dressed on the daily, but do we always love the clothes we’re putting on? With PAWZ’s awesome collection of short-sleeve unisex tees, the whole family can love what they’re wearing 24/7. Today, we’re telling you all about our gorgeous, comfortable, and really cute designs and why they’re a pawfect addition to your closet. 

      Not only do our tees feature the coolest styles, but they help good causes, too. Your purchase goes so much further than you realize, and there are ways to make your efforts mean even more. By the end of this article, you’re going to want the whole collection!

      Throw Them On and Get Going!

      Our tees are the perfect clothing pieces to grab and go. We offer the cutest styles in the highest-quality cotton. Who wants to put on a scratchy tee that feels like a burlap sack? No, thanks. We prefer our cotton candy tie dye classic tee.

      Tie-dye is a timeless classic, and our pawsome print could rival anything at Woodstock. Plus, when you’re wearing 100% cotton, you’re taken care of all day. This fabric breathes, which keeps you cool. So, you can go from the dog park in the morning to lunch with friends in the afternoon — without sweating through your clothes. 

      Quality You Can Trust

      Our clothing is all made in the U.S. of A. We produce everything locally to ensure that quality is priority number one. Our goal is to never deliver a product that is less than pawfect or have any one of our customers be disappointed. If we wouldn’t wear it personally, we wouldn’t ship it out. 

      Prints for Any Style

      PAWZ has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for vibrant, eye-catching statement tees or a basic top you could pair with literally anything.

      If you’re looking for something neutral with a retro boho-chic vibe, we’ve got you covered. Our PAWZ Luna Black Tee is our signature paw print with a gorgeous sun design inside. Everyone will be stopping you to ask where you got your tee (and you’ll be excited to tell them)! 

      Something for Every Occasion

      We really do have it all. Our tees come in so many varieties, you can find options to wear day or night. Want to rock a cute blazer and tee look? Switch out your favorite rock band for your favorite PAWZ tee. (Can’t we all agree that we love dogs more than musicians, anyway?)

      Want something cropped that can look cute with our leggings OR jeans? We totally have that. Check out our PAWZ Desert Pink Hiking Crop. No, hiking isn’t mandatory, but it’s a cute look for you if you want to go on a long hike with your furry BFF. Of course, this cute option is also ideal for running errands all day in your favorite yoga pants or paired with wide-leg denim for a fun night out with your (human) best friends. 

      Why Your Purchase Matters

      Once you buy a bunch of your favorite PAWZ tees, you know you have a collection of cute and comfy tops to wear everywhere you and your pup roam. Did you also know that your purchase is also going to a great cause? That’s right — PAWZ has partnered with Best Friends Animal Society and their rescue efforts to turn all animal shelters no-kill by 2025.

      Just by buying a PAWZ tee shirt, you’re also joining our efforts to make a better world for dogs everywhere. With every purchase made on our site, we donate 10% to BFAS’s no-kill efforts. 

      We love our pups and couldn’t imagine a life without them. Let's all help make sure that every doggy out there has the chance to find their furrever family. 

      How to Spread the Word

      We would be lost without our fur babies. We love our dogs, and caring for them is the highlight of our day. Even when we’re not with our pups, we’re thinking about all the ways we can show them how much we care.

      Shopping for short sleeve tees at places like PAWZ helps us bring our love for our pups out into the big wide world by shopping for a pawsome cause. Do you know what’s even better than just shopping for the cause? Spreading the word!

      We think that PAWZ’s American Dog Mama short sleeve t-shirt you just bought is adorable. Plus, that indigo blue color might be your new signature look. But if you don’t post it to Insta, did you really even buy it??

      Hop on Social Media 

      Getting to show off your cute new cotton t-shirt is the perfect new social media post — introducing your friends and family to PAWZ’s mission (and adorable clothes) is just the icing on the cake.

      Tag us in every photo you take wearing our clothes — we love to see them! Then, tell all of your followers why you’re thrilled to get involved, and how cute clothes can equal donations made in their names, as well. 

      It’s Time To Get Out There

      Well, what are you waiting for? You’re ready to rock all the cutest unisex shirts you got from PAWZ, and we’re so excited about all the compliments you’re about to get. Don’t forget to check out all of our other best sellers, too! We’ve got long sleeve tees, crew neck sweatshirts, hoodie pullovers, tank tops, and more.

      Be sure to always tag us on social media, and take your PAWZ love to the next level! The more you buy from your PAWZ’s wish list, the more we can help Best Friends Animal Society reach their goals. Not all heroes wear capes — some wear really cute tees instead. 


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