Long Sleeve T-Shirts


      Sometimes, you need a little retail therapy. On those days where work is demanding, commutes are long, and we don’t get to spend as much time with our adorable pets as we’d like, online shopping can turn a bad day into a great one — alongside a little cuddle with our fur babies, of course! 

      Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy adorable long sleeve t-shirts, graphic tees, and crew necks AND make a difference in the world? Welcome to PAWZ. We provide the cutest dog parent apparel out there, and we donate 10 pawcent of our profits to Best Friends Animal Society to help make all shelters no-kill by 2025.

      Our long-sleeve shirts collection features some of the cutest graphic prints and designs in comfy, easy-to-wear styles. Wear them with your favorite leggings for a chill night in, or dress them up with a button-up and jeans! These long sleeves are perfect for any lifestyle, and our new products feature the cutest graphics and trending styles! 

      Let’s take a look at what makes PAWZ long sleeves the pawfect choice for all of your dog parent apparel!

      Made in the U.S.

      All of our products are printed and shipped from the United States. This means that even if you’re buying from PAWZ in another country, we can guarantee the quality of your purchase before it’s safely shipped to you. 

      We also do our best to keep shipping costs as low as possible, so you can get the most for your money while making a difference. 

      Quality Products

      PAWZ only uses the best quality materials for our products. Our designs are fun and family-friendly, but they’re also comfortable and can be worn all day and night. 

      If you’re looking for a style that we know you’ll love, check out our PAWZ scenic print black long sleeve. The mountainscape design is such a fun trendy scene. It might even give you some inspiration for a fun activity with your furry friend! 

      The shirt is made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton, so you know that the fit will last. Plus, the sizes are unisex, so twinning with a fellow dog lover is cute and easy.  

      Helping Spread the Word

      We know you’ll fall in love with our creative and fun designs — not to mention our iconic paw print logo that adds a little extra adorableness to your clothing. Still, we know you stick around because your purchases mean something. 

      Our paw print logo and attractive designs get you noticed. And you can tell everyone who compliments your pawsome long-sleeved shirts about Best Friends Animal Society and how a purchase with PAWZ can make a difference.

      Shopping With Pawpose

      Who rescued who, right? Well, we couldn’t agree more. Caring for a dog is a beautiful commitment. What better way to show that pup how much you love them than by showing your affection for shelter pups across the country? 

      Your affinity for retail therapy can do way more than make a rough day better. You’ve already heard us mention Best Friends Animal Society a few times in this article — and you’ve probably heard us yelling about them from the rooftops, too — but let’s dive a little deeper into PAWZ’s pawpose and all the ways our women and men's graphic t-shirts, crewnecks, and long sleeves can help save our furry friends.

      Why We Do It

      Did you know that roughly five million animals enter shelters every year? In addition to this disheartening realization, around 100,000 dogs entered or were sent back to shelters after the initial quarantine adoption spike. This means that 100,000 people in the country sent dogs back to shelters just because they could return to their “normal” lives. 

      This influx of unhomed dogs breaks our hearts. We’re dog lovers first and foremost, and our goal is to find the best ways to help shelter animals find their furever homes. 

      You already know how much love and enrichment your life has been given thanks to these sweet creatures, and we want everyone else to know it, too. That’s why we give back to ensure that no-kill shelters thrive to help those out there that need a furry four-legged friend find their soulmate. 

      How We Do It

      So, how do we make a difference? As you’ve probably figured out by now, PAWZ has partnered with Best Friends Animal Society in their no-kill 2025 effort. By 2025, our connected goal is to have every shelter nationwide become a no-kill shelter. Efforts can be monitored on their link above, and we are proud to be helping in the fight. 

      How Do You Get Involved?

      Getting involved is easy! Shopping with PAWZ ensures that every purchase you make is also a donation to Best Friends Animal Society. Nearly 44% of households nationwide are proud dog mommas and papas. Even if you don’t personally have a dog, you probably have a few dog lovers in your circle of friends — and a few beloved pups with a special place in your heart.

      Every birthday or Christmas present to your pet parent BFFs will be a double whammy of awesome: a cute and stylish shirt and a donation that helps save dogs from sea to shining sea. 

      We Can’t Thank You Enough

      Without your love and support for our business, we wouldn’t be able to advocate for no-kill shelters everywhere. You are a big part of what we do at PAWZ, and we appreciate your support. I’m sure your sweet little pup loves that you love all the doggies out there, too.

      Wearing our shirts isn’t just trendy — it makes you a hero, to us and to your adorable four-legged best friends. Together, we all make a difference. 


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