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      Pawz Accessories

      Our dogs bring a lot of sparkle to our lives, but why not add some extra bling to that aura of love? We are talking about accessories.

      Necklaces and other fashionable pieces take your fashion next level, whether it’s a chill vibe or a dressier occasion. But where do you find those statement pieces that have a lot of meaning, especially to your pup?

      Right here:

      PAWZ has the cutest necklaces to wear. You can look stylish and show the world how much love you have for your furry best friend. We are talking all things pup today (our favorite subject) and breaking down why you need these pieces in your life.

      It’s not enough just to tell you why, though. We are also going to throw out a few tips on how to wear your new neckpieces perfectly, no matter the outfit.

      Why You Need To Show Off That Puppy Love

      You already know that you love your pup, but did you know just how much you get out of that love?

      There are so many health and social benefits to having a dog, and it’s part of the reason we love our necklaces so much. Getting to wear a symbol of love and devotion to our dogs around our necks is the least we can do, considering how well they treat us.

      Join the Pack: Dogs Bring Us Together

      Dogs bring so much love and friendship to our lives, including that of some awesome humans! Dog parks and group hikes are fun. We meet so many amazing pups and humans there that we can’t remember all the amazing names and faces. In addition to the physical meetups, there are so many online and social media groups that we can belong to just by being a dog mama.

      We also have the opportunity to make friends anywhere we go with our dogs. Who doesn’t want to pet that cute little face?

      Soon, your dog will have to have their own social calendar to keep up with all their doggie dates. The coffee dates alone take a good amount of your weekend — a fact that you proudly show off in your PAWZ Love, Dogs, & Coffee Tote.

      Today, coffee. Tomorrow? Beach day.

      Happy, Healthy, and Hairy: Puppy Perfect

      There are actual health benefits to being a dog mom as well. A pup can help fight off those feelings and keep you going with a positive and happy outlook.

      Their wagging tails and slobbery kisses are proven to be natural mood enhancers, and even if they weren’t, we can’t say no to those sweet babies.

      We Got You, Spiritually

      Dogs provide you with a lot of love that, in turn, provides your life with a lot of happiness and residual health. But when you need those feel-good feelings down to your soul, you gotta call us.

      Why? Well, every purchase from our accessories, for instance, our Silver PAWZ Necklace (simple, classic, and our signature paw print design), is a donation to no-kill shelters nationwide.

      Together with our friends at Best Friends Animal Shelter, we are making it our mission to turn all shelters no-kill by 2025. How can you help? Just by buying those cute necklaces and tees you see on our site, you’re doing your part.

      We donate a portion of every purchase to no-kill shelters, so you can wear your new accessories with pride, knowing you’re making a difference just by being cute!

      How To Style Your Accessories

      Now you know why you need these necklaces, but how do you wear them? Luckily, we planned ahead, and we are bringing some of the best ways to wear your new favorite bling next.

      Layered Look

      We think all of our pieces would look great in a layered set of necklaces, but our Sunflower PAWZ Necklace is absolutely perfect for this style. The V shape of the petals that come together at the sunflower design is perfect when added to a second or third necklace that layers right above our piece.

      Keep it Simple

      Our pieces do just this: We keep it simple so that our pieces are timeless. That means for those days when a blazer and button-down shirt, or maybe a v-neck t-shirt for a little rocker chic flair, are coming out of the wardrobe; you will look effortlessly chic.

      Need some inspiration for which piece is perfect? Try our PAWZ Sunflower Dog Mom Necklace.

      The round design is the most classic pendant look and will stand out in the best way at the center of a v-neck look. This piece will get you noticed for all the right reasons.

      What’s the best part? When people ask you where it’s from, not only will you be able to tell them about our awesome products, but you’ll be able to tell them the amazing meaning behind your purchase.

      Don’t Forget To Post

      Our necklaces are amazing and will get you noticed in person for sure, but what about those numbers on social? Well, tag us every time to make sure you stay connected to the PAWZ family, and you will see your network grow constantly. Who better to stay in contact with than other dog lovers who are changing the world?

      Get the most out of your post!

      Get Out There and Shine

      Now that you’ve stocked up on all the best pieces, it’s time to get out there and wear them with pride. We are confident that you’ll love all the ways you can style these pieces, and we aren’t surprised that you find that your new necklaces just go with everything!